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Artisan at work


How did it start...
My philosophy

After a career in the private sector, I decided to give my life a complete new direction. It took me one year and a wonderful trip to Italy to find my way. In Sicily I first tasted the 'gelati su stecco' which I really liked. They are different to the ice-lollies I tried to make for my children because they are not just made from juice but from real ice-cream or sorbet.


In September 2013, I signed up for classes to become a professional ice-cream maker in Leuven. These classes taught me the theory I needed to create my own recipes.


In the meantime I also installed my own atelier in Brussels, I bought a Piaggio Ape that I had rebuilt and personalised, and I undertook all the necessary steps to become operational.


I have always been attracted to good and healthy food, that's why I chose to only use real ingredients (no powders!). People should really know that so many, even wellknown ice-cream makers, only use powders.


I use organic milk, cream and eggs. I prefer organic fruit, when it's reasonable. I do not use any stabilisers or artificial flavours or colouring.  


I work alone. I buy the ingredients, transform them and sell them. Me, myself and I. Isn't that the best guarantee to know whom you're dealing with?

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